Dank lil Owl EP

Dank lil owl EP

This EP is based off of a 7 second vine (R.I.P) that a friend sent me right at the moment that I was looking to be a productive student. I laughed way too hard and watched it way too many times. The bottom line is, I had the video and wanted to impress a girl.


Now that you have context I’ll get to talking about the actual music. The first song (Volume 1) is the only one with actual samples from the vine. It’s too long (I Know) and the first half of the song was inspired by Rattatat (even though it sounds nothing like them). The second half is a trip. Layers of synths and guitar solo/melodies that ends with a haunting synth melody.

The rest of the EP is made up of songs that use similar synths and guitar work. This was my first attempt using software instruments such as synths and drums and whatnot. It’s Sloppy but Interesting to go back to every now and then.