La Gelatina Crew

La Gelatina Crew

I feel like this name needs a proper explanation. So here it goes. This crew is made up of 4 entities. Liam y Byron, which is a reggaeton duo born out of an inside joke. D-train, who’s a mumble rapper on the come up. Diam (Just signed a contract but has no songs yet). G-Rafa, which is me (the producer), but, in the context of the crew you see.

The name of the crew is a reference to a famous line that D-Train would randomly blurt out when he felt like it. “La Gelatina!! Blanca y negra!!!” A phrase originally spoken by gelatin salesmen in the heart of Colombia, but now it is the inspiration for a collective of shitty hip-hop artists who have fun making trap and reggaeton songs in their free time (when we ain’t hustlin).

Liam y Byron

Iconic reggaeton duo straight out of Weston FL. They are known for nothing other than the name tied to my work. They did nothing. At least Byron tried though. I guess he gets brownie points for that. Liam though. He’s a memer. A filthy memer. Anyways, here are a couple of tracks that were made for them to work on. They never did but the instrumentals were still made. One thing though, “Fly like a pinguino” is not the final version of the song. I actually hate it, the guitar is sloppy and the beat is LAAAAAAME.


The most talented out of anyone in the crew has to be D-Train. I only have one song that was made for him but it’s a good one. The samples at the beginning and the end of the track are straight out of Cowboy Bebop (an amazing anime that everyone should see). It is important to note that this is my first attempt at a trap song. So if it sucks, keep that in mind.


Soon… ish