My name is Rafael Mendoza and this is a site devoted to my many musical projects. Here you will find my latest releases along with some old projects that for some reason or another I find interesting enough to share.

Over the years I’ve been a part of 2 bands as a guitarist and as a singer, produced a vaporwave influenced  bastard child of an EP inspired by a 5 second vine, and dabbled in the art of beat making for the sake of expanding my musical horizons. By the looks of things, it’s fair to say that I am confused, but, some good stuff has come out of all of this chaos so I encourage you to take a listen.

New things… Exciting things!

Like any self respecting musician I am constantly working on new material and working on improving ole material. Do I know where I’m going or what is coming next? No. But you can’t say that my history has been predictable. So here is where you will find ay new material.

The Lizard King

TLK (The Lizard King) is attributed to projects that primarily use electronic music. Anything that involves hip-hop beats or synthesizers is more often than not part of the works of TLK.

Under the name of TLK I created a long with a series of individual songs that were created on garage band, Ableton, and Logic Pro. I plan on compiling some of those loose songs in an attempt to make something that resembles a cohesive EP. But for the time being I will re-listen and re-work as needed.


Dank lil Owl EP

Dank lil owl EP

This EP is based off of a 7 second vine (R.I.P) that a friend sent me right at the moment that I was looking to be a productive student. I laughed way too hard and watched it way too many times. The bottom line is, I had the video and wanted to impress a girl.


Now that you have context I’ll get to talking about the actual music. The first song (Volume 1) is the only one with actual samples from the vine. It’s too long (I Know) and the first half of the song was inspired by Rattatat (even though it sounds nothing like them). The second half is a trip. Layers of synths and guitar solo/melodies that ends with a haunting synth melody.

The rest of the EP is made up of songs that use similar synths and guitar work. This was my first attempt using software instruments such as synths and drums and whatnot. It’s Sloppy but Interesting to go back to every now and then.

La Gelatina Crew

La Gelatina Crew

I feel like this name needs a proper explanation. So here it goes. This crew is made up of 4 entities. Liam y Byron, which is a reggaeton duo born out of an inside joke. D-train, who’s a mumble rapper on the come up. Diam (Just signed a contract but has no songs yet). G-Rafa, which is me (the producer), but, in the context of the crew you see.

The name of the crew is a reference to a famous line that D-Train would randomly blurt out when he felt like it. “La Gelatina!! Blanca y negra!!!” A phrase originally spoken by gelatin salesmen in the heart of Colombia, but now it is the inspiration for a collective of shitty hip-hop artists who have fun making trap and reggaeton songs in their free time (when we ain’t hustlin).

Liam y Byron

Iconic reggaeton duo straight out of Weston FL. They are known for nothing other than the name tied to my work. They did nothing. At least Byron tried though. I guess he gets brownie points for that. Liam though. He’s a memer. A filthy memer. Anyways, here are a couple of tracks that were made for them to work on. They never did but the instrumentals were still made. One thing though, “Fly like a pinguino” is not the final version of the song. I actually hate it, the guitar is sloppy and the beat is LAAAAAAME.


The most talented out of anyone in the crew has to be D-Train. I only have one song that was made for him but it’s a good one. The samples at the beginning and the end of the track are straight out of Cowboy Bebop (an amazing anime that everyone should see). It is important to note that this is my first attempt at a trap song. So if it sucks, keep that in mind.


Soon… ish